"Creating A NuWave of Excellence and Opportunity"

Why work at NuWave?

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Don’t be just a # to a company come help us grow & make a difference in our community. NuWave Electric is giving people an opportunity to better their careers. We started this company with the vision of working with people who want to grow and thrive in this trade. We strive for this goal for each and every person who joins our team.

We care about our team members, and we care about their progression in the company as well as in their own personal lives. We want people that don’t want to be just another number.

NuWave is a constantly improving company that can provide an unlimited amount of opportunity for professional and personal growth if YOU want it. We strive to protect the culture that we have created here; one that puts a high priority on praise and compensation for hard work. So, we do not tolerate harassment or gossip in any form.

NuWave Electric – Creating A NuWave of Excellence and Opportunity

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why choose NuWave Electric?

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Employee development programs such as:

Required information

For new hires

Please submit the following information to the office prior to beginning work:

  1. Legible photocopy of current drivers license or state issued photo identification
  2. Legible photocopy of current Utah electrical license (if applicable)
  3. Legible photocopy of social security card
  4. Completed and signed W-4 form (available here)
  5. Completed and signed I-9 Form (available here)
  6. Signed copy of Trial Period Agreement (available here)
  7. Completed and signed Employee Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (available here)
  8. Signed copy of Acceptance of Safety Manual (available here)
  1. Online Questionnaire (available here)
  2. Apprentice Electrician (available here)
  3. Completed and signed Employee Application (available here)

Employees must pass a mandatory pre-hire drug test.
(All new-hire drug screen test will be billed to NuWave Electric)